Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in Review

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do a year in review...
I learned one thing...
I need to take more pictures.
MANY more pictures.
Fortunately, my sweet husband got me a new camera for Christmas. is the best of 2013!

My children and I flew to my Michigan parent's house after Christmas 2012,
and spent a wonderful week playing in the snow
and visiting family.
 My boys...I LOVE this picture.
 First experience in snow sports!
My kids, my Michigan parents, my brother and his family, and my sister and BIL.

February brought a cheering competition in Washington DC, 
so we camped out at the Mancave (D's apartment) for the weekend 
and had a wonderful  family dinner at the Army Navy Country Club.
Dinner at ANCC

 They secured first place!
That is my super star daughter in the front row (in the air) on the far right!

We visited my Virginia parents in Florida 
for a much needed week long vacation in Lido Beach.
We celebrated Easter with my Virginia parents later that month.
The view from our condo in Lido was a little chilly that week!
 Virginia mom and the twins

April brought the birth of Suburban Charm, 
as well as my birthday and the Navy Submarine Birthday Ball.
(first time D went as a mess dress!)
 I LOVE getting dressed up!
Happy Birthday to me!

My baby came home from her first year away at the University of Kansas!
Baseball season was in full swing!
I also tagged along on one of D's business trips 
and we stopped by my Michigan parents' on our way home!
After an unscheduled overnight in Cleveland due to mechanical difficulties,
we made it to Wisconsin the next morning with five minutes to spare before D's presentation.
LOVED going to a jazz gig my Michigan dad plays string bass was FABULOUS!
Visiting the winery, 45 North, where my BIL works....tasting!
 Welcome home dinner with her RVA friends


One word:
(All Stars)

Baseball...they made it to the state tournament in Arlington, VA,
and we made it into a mini family vacation. 
We had Louisiana daughter visiting for the month and Kansas daughter for a week!
We also celebrated a birthday
and rounded out the month with a vacation and sailing lessons at my Michigan parent's house!
Louisiana daughter arrived for a month long visit!
The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Ham of the Fam
 Cooling down in-between games
 My Michigan dad and my sibs...miss them so much!
Michigan mom, sis, and the triplets picking raspberries.
 All three qualified!
Birthday celebration with their cousins!

August brought another birthday and a trip to Cooperstown, NY
for the twins to participate in a baseball tournament at the
Baseball Field of Dreams.
And of course it was back to the University of Kansas for my oldest daughter.
 Birthday Girl
My girls the night before I left to take my baby back to Kansas.

It was an amazing week with great friends! 
My boys....someone hit their VERY first home run ever that week!

Back to school.
Middle school football.
Travel Baseball.
Varsity sideline cheering.
And NAVY football, including D's USNA 25th reunion!!!
It's her Junior year....YIKES!
My baby boy! I don't like it when he is tackled!
Playing QB
New travel team the "Virginia Cobra's"
My left-handed pitcher!
Our awesome season tickets!
D's BFF and fellow USNA grad, BT and his wife (also a BFF from his high school days)

More baseball, more football, more cheering, more USNA football games,
the ORC...which I STILL have yet to completely finish, 
my daughter was initiated into the National Honor Society,
and MANY birthdays!
NHS Initiation proud!

Working on my ORC.... 
Celebrating some of the October birthdays...both my Virginia parents, and my twins.
A surprise weeknight visit from D for the birthday party!

Wrapping up the fall sports...just in time for Thanksgiving!
And new carpeting on our excited!
More time for homework now that sports have ended...does he look happy?
(and it's still clean)

Well...December was a blur.
But it was a fabulous holiday and it was so good having everyone home!
We had all of the children home except D's #2, who was dearly missed!
We will have ALL eight home next weekend!!!

I hope you enjoyed my year in review!

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Miss Southern Prep said...

What a fabulous year you had! It sounds like you were able to travel lots--I'm jealous! Love the carpet on your stairs, by the way!

Katie Clooney said...

Great year, Christine! Many more memories for 2014!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

What a year 2013 was for your sweet family! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings your way!!!!

Donna said...

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. What a great idea to post your year in pictures.
I enjoyed it very much.

Nancy said...

Happy New Year! Hey...are you on pinterest? I saw a pin I want to send you.


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