Thursday, June 30, 2016

So it's been awhile.....

You know when you are not planning something and then it just happens....
Out of the blue I suggested to my husband in April that we consider moving.
We had put a fair amount of money into Hotel Chads,
(what we affectionately called our home)
but it needed a lot more bathrooms, roof, back yard patio, need I go on.....
so I thought we should find a home that already had "newer" bathrooms, a little more space,
and did not need a lot of work put into it.
We talked about this decision on a Friday,
randomly looked at a house on Saturday that the girls saw online,
and bought it on Tuesday.
Was not ready for that, but sometimes these things just happen.
The house was PERFECT for our family.
We had the BEST realtor, Skye Bruce, with Skye Bruce Properties,
and she sold our home in less than a week once we listed it.
Cannot say enough good things about Skye....she kept my sanity through this entire process.
Here we are the last night we were the owners of Hotel Chadsworth.
We will cherish the memories but are looking forward to....
Living life on The Ledge....our new home.
We literally moved just two miles no school changes or carpool changes!
Amid chaos, we moved in three weeks ago.
It was actually kind of comical....
Katherine came home from Tech, Caroline graduated from VCU with her Bachelors, we had a graduation party in the old house for 40 people, Grace came home from Boarding School, Jack played in a three day volleyball tournament, Laura took the SAT, 
and we closed on Ledge (our new street) all within about a week.
A pic from graduation day....just to brag a little,
she graduated with honors and Caroline was one of 22 people out of 800 applicants who was
accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University's Advanced Standing Masters Program.
She will complete her Masters of Social Work within one year.

We are fairly settled
(if you call not being able to find most things)
into our new home and are loving the space...
We have six of our eight children home full time this summer,
and I am beyond excited to have everyone home!
We are blessed.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Sandal Scandal Part III

OK so if you were a regular reader,
(back when I used to post regularly....)
you are well aware of the Steven Bonanno Sandal Scandal I have posted about here and here
Almost identical to the Jack Rogers, this is their Palm Beach Sandal.

So a few weeks ago I went out to get the mail and there was a package crammed in the mail box.
Strange, I didn't order anything. least not anything that would have fit in my mailbox.
I tried to read where it was from.
I don't carry my "cheater" reading glasses to the mail box so I couldn't make it out.
Came inside and....
Could it really be my sandals?????

Why yes, it was one of the two pair I ordered!
Sadly, it's the platinum pair that came.
I already bought a replacement pair of Jack Rogers platinum sandals.
Two years ago.
I had ordered a pair of pink and green monogrammed sandals from Stephen Bonnano,
and was REALLY hoping those were going to be in the box.
So I'll save the platinum ones for when my Jack's wear out.

Dare I hope that in another year the pink and green monogrammed ones will show up?
I will keep you posted on the continuing Stephen Bonanno sandle scandal!

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