Monday, January 25, 2016

Barbour or Bust

I will be honest.
I find it somewhat annoying when what I've been wearing for years becomes a "trend."
I have dressed the same way since I was able to pick out my own clothes.
So when Lilly became wildly popular a few year ago,
I didn't have to look for white label Lilly on eBay because I already owned it.
And when the Jack Rogers craze started, I had already worn out at least a dozen pair.

So has anyone noticed there is a Barbour jacket epidemic?
I bought my first Barbour jacket about sixteen years ago.

Here's a little story that separates the people with TRUE classic style
from the people who claim to be preppy and classic.

My first Barbour jacket was a black quilted Eskdale.
Last fall we were at a USNA football game and I let Caroline borrow it for the day.
The two women sitting behind us started a conversation about my jacket.
They were openly mocking my "fake" Barbour jacket.
They were discussing the fact that Barbour does not even make a coat in that style,
and if I was going to have a "fake" then this was a bad fake one.

This is what my old Barbour looks like...
These women are the kind of people that annoy me.
If they had ANY class,
they wouldn't be talking trash about what my daughter happened to be wearing right in front of her,
and they would recognize an older style Barbour jacket.

I don't buy for labels.
I buy because I love something...the style, the way the fabric feels, the way it's made, the color...
I am a believer in wardrobe staples and investment dressing.

Caroline in her Barbour jacket....
I have to admit that I'm quite happy 
that my daughters have chosen to adopt my wardrobe philosophy.

So for the two women at the USNA game mocking my daughter,
talking about being "fake"
you think you're classy....but you're busted.

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Maggie said...

Some people are just tacky. So sorry you and your daughter had to feel it. I remember when Hunter boots only came in green and black and were for country walks and farm work. Don't know what ever happened to my old pair. Darn.

Katie Clooney said...

How rude of those women! I got lucky enough to find a brand new barbour jacket with tags on it in a consignment shop on Newbury St. for half price. I practically skipped home, I was so happy!

Nancy said...

Wow! i'm amazed at how people can be so classless and just plain rude. just know you were and are a style visionary forecasting future trends ;)

Nancy said...

Wow! i'm amazed at how people can be so classless and just plain rude. just know you were and are a style visionary forecasting future trends ;)

Tammy B said...

I'm from a small Alabama town. I'm one of the few that owns Barbour. The only reason I bought a Barbour umbrella is because I wanted it to match my Liddesdale jacket and Betty gilet. feel like people think my 20 year old Burberry's (not Burberry) scarf and raincoat are fake. To me, they are classic Burberry's...before it became trendy.

Tammy B said...

By the way, my Liddesdale is a man's. The ladies' is too tailored and trendy looking.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

There is nothing worse than catty women. They were probably jealous of your beautiful daughter.

I have 7 Barbours, the first is over 14 years old. Each one still looks classic and has held up well. But then again classic clothing always does.

Donna said...

Those women were nothing but rude and not really bright. They were putting down something they knew nothing about. If you don't know what you're talking about, keep your mouth shut.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Uh, totally tacky and no class! Love your jacket!

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