Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch...My Besties

There is something to be said for best friends.
I posted about my "besties" a couple of years ago here

These are the that ladies keep me going.
We try to meet for lunch on a monthly basis,
and we see each other frequently around the 'hood and at our kids' schools and sporting events.
Leslie, moi, Kim, Shelley, Julie, and Stacey
Lunch today celebrating back to school....Yippee!

These women have seen me at my best,
and have seen me at my worst.
They love me, listen to me, and lift me up when I need it.
I know any one of them would drop everything to help me in a moment of need.
And I would of course do the same for any of them.
We truly have fun together.
We can be serious, silly, and we can even pull out the snarky every now and then.

I am so thankful for these ladies.....
I am blessed.
I love you girls!

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Katie Clooney said...

These lovely ladies are lucky to have you as a friend!! Are you back to blogging for good? I'll put you back on my blogroll!

Mocadeaux said...

Girlfriends are fuel for the soul and frequent get togethers are so important!

BroncoMom said...

Where would we be without our girlfriends?

Nancy said...

exactly what bronco mom said above :)

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