Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What to Wear?

This is the time of the year that I have the worst wardrobe trauma.
There are a few reasons...
First, it's hard to find fall clothes that are good for 80 degree weather.
Second, I gravitate towards bright colors and the fall palate is usually earth tones.
And finally, I LOVE my summer clothes and hate to hang them up for the season.

I was pleased with Lilly Pulitzer's first Fall line in the blue tones.
Still the bright and cheerful colors that I love, 
but a little bit more subdued with a hint of fall.
I bought the Lilly Pulitzer Layton Shift in the print "Blue Crush She Got Sole"
and this is similar to how I plan to style it for a cute September outfit.

Early Fall Lunch Date

What do you wear in the early fall when it's still too early for sweaters and turtlenecks?

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Nancy said...

i'm still in my regular summer wear and unfortunately will be until at least October and probably into November. I live in a sauna basically here in Houston. I need to glean some of your fashion sense. i'm a t-shirt and shorts or skirt kind of girl. but that's HUGE compared to my old uniform of an in-and-out burger tshirt and athletic shorts when my twins were first born. we got one of each shirt and sweatshirt made up until 2004 from one of my husbands friends for a wedding present. yeah. take that in for a minute. I think my husband thought it was a great present until he saw me in one every day for like three years. ha! love to see what you wear...keep the outfit inspiration coming :)

Katie Clooney said...

I agree Christine.. I don't even shop at this time of year when it's warm... Just can't get motivated. Enjoy your weekend!

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