Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday...

Linking up today with A. Liz Adventures
to share five things on my mind this week....

Back to school.
Jack, Laura, and Teddy...
not pictured are Caroline, Kimo, Katherine, Grace, and Collin who are all away at school.
As much as I LOVE summer and love having the kids home, 
I get NOTHING done around the house.
Laundry and grocery shopping...that's about it.
So I have a "project list" that is a mile long,
and I'm excited to get started.
Some things are small "clean out the linen closet" projects,
and some are big "convert my husband's home office into Caroline's bedroom" projects.
Excited to get started!

Traditionally my summer wardrobe has always been my favorite.
After a few shopping sprees at Talbot's, J Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, and Nordstrom's last winter,
I am actually excited to turn my closet over to my fall wardrobe.
I have a collection of short sleeve fall dresses to tide me over on these 80 degree fall days in Virginia
until I can pull out my puffer vests and jeans!

If you don't count the two and a half days my husband was in New Hampshire
taking Grace to boarding school,
my husband was home with me for nine days!!!
As most of you know, he works in Washington DC during the week,
and I normally see him only on the weekends.
I love having him home!
NAVY football!
On our way to Annapolis...
We have season tickets and went to our first game!
It was HOT but FUN.
We tailgate and take the kids with us.
Heading back to Annapolis tomorrow.....Go Navy!

Fall sports!
Jack is a volleyball player and Teddy is a football player,
and I love being a football mom and volleyball mom!
Going to their games and matches are highlights of my week!

Jack plays JV right side.
Teddy plays JV quarterback.
What's been on your mind this week?

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Katie Clooney said...

love your closet!! Have a great weekend!

Simply LKJ said...

Oh girl, I need to add to my puffer vest collection after seeing yours. They are perfect here in Atlanta as it doesn't get too terribly cold. My Katie was a right side!!

Mocadeaux said...

Go Navy! (Except on 10/10 when they play my team.)

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