Monday, January 27, 2014

The Beloved Bermuda Bag

Who remembers Bermuda Bags?
They used to be considered a wardrobe staple in every "Preppy's" wardrobe,
but if you are a "true" preppy, it was...and still is a part of your handbag collection.

Back in the 1980's, deLanthe was the Bermuda Bag of choice, 
but when they became the rage, many other shops sold their own version of the Bermuda Bag.
Here is a vintage deLanthe...

Lilly Pulitzer also used to make Bermuda Bags...
my daughters have the adorable mini Bermuda Bags
(I am saving them for my granddaughters...that I do not have

I still have the original Bermuda Bag that I got in high school...

This is my bag...with my only summer cover.

These are the only other covers I have left....a red wool, a navy corduroy, and a quilted mini print.

I have been looking all over for additional covers...
Ebay....but no luck.

kopacetick Bermuda Bag purse

Etsy has them...but not what I am looking for.

I need some summer PINK...
and then I got an email from one of my favorite online shops,
and look what was featured in their email...

You can buy the handles, which come with one cover,
or you can buy just the covers...and they will monogram for you!!!
They have many different cover colors and many monogram thread colors to choose from!

Sidenote....if you already have a Bermuda Bag, 
make sure you measure the distance between the buttons to make sure these covers will fit.

I have no affiliation with The Pink Giraffe
other than the fact that they have a
FABULOUS selection of classically preppy merchandise!

Who still has their Bermuda Bag?

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Nancy said...

I love this blast from the past! argh! I wish I'd saved mine but I totally remember those!

Happy {belated} Anniversary by the way! :)

suburban prep said...

I must still have two bags and then I think I have 12 or so covers. Love them.

Girl with the Curlz said...

I still have mine!!! I love them!!! I sent you a picture of mine through instagram :)

What Kate Wore said...

What a fabulous post -- your collection of photos of Bermuda bags is one of the best I've seen. Your pink/green and navy are TDF. (I actually pinned several too!)

Sending you a smile,

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I got mine when I was in junior high! I keep forgetting to check at my mom's and see if she still has it. I had sooo many covers too!

eHa said...

While I wasn't around for the first wave of bermuda bags, I have three. I have a Lilly one, the monogrammed ones from the pink giraffe, and a bermuda bag that I got as a souvenir in Bermuda. None of the three's covers are compatible with one an other.

Sarah said...

Sad to report that I no longer have mine. It was one of the "give aways" when we moved in 1995. I'm a pack rat, but my husband is a "clean out and let someone else enjoy it" kind of guy. I had lots of covers, many of them monogramed. Mine were from the 60s purchased at Pappagallo, so my monogram was pre-marriage. My Collins handbags got sent off in the same Goodwill box. Just can't keep it all! Fun post! Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.

Slone Ranger said...

Mark and Graham's mailing just reminded me of these. Love your post! Keep those vintage Lillys, you're (future) granddaughters will be forever grateful.

anna katherine hill said...

Does anyone remember the buttons that you could buy for your Bermuda Bag? I had sets of the shells and whales, I think I also had starfish and a few others.

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