Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Room Challenge Week Two

It's week two of Linda's One Room Challenge Linking Party!
Click here to see week one....

A funny story....
My sweet husband follows my blog and while he knew I was doing the ORC
and decorating our bedroom,
he did not really know about any of my plans.
Well after my ORC post last week,
D confessed that he read my ORC challenge post and was a little worried.
In fact, he didn't READ the post, he looked at the photos,
and thought that the BEFORE pictures with the previous owner's furniture
was what I had decorated our room to be!
He was very worried....until he READ what I wrote and realized what he was looking at!
Now that he knows what I am doing, he loves it!

So...I have made it over my biggest hurdle in this challenge
(if you don't count selecting my fabric)
which is selecting my paint color!
I had a horrible time picking a paint color for my first ORC
and was afraid it would not go well this time around....
I decided on a beige wall color...and there are a MILLION shades of beige.
I looked at several different brands, but ended up with my old standby, Benjamin Moore.
Here was my first go around...
These colors look the same in the photograph, 
but they are Benjamin Moore Palace White and Indian White.
Fortunately they had the giant paint square samples....and I did not like them.
They look much darker in this photograph than they are in person,
and they were too blah....and too light.

I scoured Pintrest and Houzz looking at beige rooms
and reading articles about the top ten beige colors that interior designers use,
and then it was back to the paint store...
 And we have a winner!
 Benjamin Moore Papaya!
Here it is with my fabric...the color is not very accurate though!
 The color is actually much softer than this and my fabric is not brown.

While I love to paint and am pretty good at it, 
I know my limits and I truly don't have the time to paint my bedroom myself right now.
I have a fabulous painter who has painted several rooms in our home, 
and he is going to paint for me!
He inspected the walls and while he could strip the painted over wallpaper prior to painting,
he promised me that if he repaired the walls instead of stripping them,
I would not be able to tell the difference and I would save A LOT of money.
I am all about saving money.
He starts painting this week!

Next on my list was to find trim for my window treatments.
I decided on a board mounted balloon valance with tassel trim...
so I went searching and found the PERFECT thing.....
I LOVE this trim!!!!
Is it not PERFECT?????
Well it is $259 a yard...and I need seven yards....NOT happening.
Clearly I have fabulous taste, don't I?
It is a Scalamandre trim...the color was perfect,
but clearly WAY out of my price range.
As the woman at the decorating shop said...
"No one ever walks into a room and says "OMG that trims is to die for" so why break the bank on it?"
I found something very similar for MUCH less!

I am so relieved to have the paint color selected and to have the trim for the windows.
The woman who is doing my custom bedding and window treatments picked up the fabric today
and they should be done by the first part of May!!!
I feel like I'm making good progress.

Here's what is on my to do list this next week...
1. purchase new room darkening pleated shades and install
2. find a white coverlet in a lattice pattern for bed
3. shop for accessories
4. purchase new outlets and covers and new light switch and cover
5. continue search for nighstands
6. move "junk" out of the room
7. work on convincing D that we don't need a ceiling fan in our bedroom.

Don't forget to visit Linda at Calling It Home
to see her fabulous ORC participants!!!

and of course check out everyone else who is linking to the ORC!

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Paige Minear said...

That trim is to do for!!! But I agree ... that price is break the bank bad bad ... I love all you have done and can't wait for next week!!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

That is so funny. I remain happy that my husband does not read my blog. I also think it is funny that he did not read it, but just looked at the pictures. Most people do that. Glad you both are happy with your plan and I love your wall color.

Nancy said...

love the color and the trim...the most perfect color green ever. but the price...not so much. good on you for splurging elsewhere. for nightstands you might look on target...they have some by safavieh online only but they have a BOGO 30% off right now:
just a thought...

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I always have the most fabulous (and expensive taste too)! Love all of it so far :-)

kate@willowinteriors said...

LOL! And I love the fabric/trim choices!!!

Tiffany said...

That fabric with the wall color is perfection. I'm in love with that fabric.

Katie Clooney said...

Christine... I am positively in LOVE with your fabric!! The paint will look gorgeous with it. Glad you found a trim that is similar and more reasonable! Have a wonderful Thursday. Can't wait to see the finished room, btw.

Andrea said...

First off, I love what you have done with your blog template!!! It looks FANTASTIC!!! And D is so cute... that so sounds like something my husband would do! He reads my blog too... and don't tell him, but sometimes I write certain posts to coax him into design ideas he may be apprehensive about. ;) Good luck with the Great Ceiling Fan Debate... that was one battle I resounding lost. I love everything you have selected, Christine! Your bedroom is going to be a gorgeous retreat!

The Glam Pad

Holly said...

I have never used Papaya but I have it on my color board and I think it's a great choice for your room especially with that Thibaut fabric. Looking good!

Stacey {steward of design} said...

I had no idea trim could be so expensive. Yikes! The paint color you chose looks great with your fabric. said...

Love a great window treatment and trim!! I'm looking forward to seeing it done, the fabric is super pretty.

Kimberly Lemmon said...

I do love that green trim but would never even consider buying something so pricey. Just can't do it! Glad you found your paint color love match!

aquahaus said...

I love how clueless our husbands are about our lives online. Maybe it was a typo? Maybe it's only $29.50??

Improvement List said...

Your are right...that trim is gorgeous. But I am sure what you picked will look just as good. Looking forward to how this room turns out.

Cathy Wall said...

Glad you found a trim for less than $259/yd. Yikes, that's crazy, but the advice you were given is spot on! The wall color looks lovely and will make a great backdrop for your fabric.

Denise Greenwood said...

The wall color looks great and that trim IS fabulous - but that price..good grief! I tell my husband all the time that I must have great taste because I'm always drawn to the most expensive stuff!! I'm sure what you found will be just as fabulous!

Shelia Dowd said...

Wow! That trim is gorgeous but the price! Wow!!! I love the fabric and the wall color! It's going to be beautiful!!!!

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