Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayers Please

My husband is safe and sound.
Thank you to our many friends and family members who checked in to make sure he was safe.
As most of my readers know, D is a retired US Navy Captain.
He currently works in Washington DC for a defense contractor.
D's office is literally across the street from the Navy Yard,
and he is very frequently at the Navy Yard for meetings,
many of them in the same building as the shootings.
God works in mysterious ways. 
I spent the weekend with D, who left this afternoon on a business trip.
While helping him pack for his trip,
I gently "suggested" he might want to get a hair cut on Monday morning,
before he caught his flight later in the afternoon.
So instead of being at his office at 8:20am when the shooting began,
D was in Crystal City following his wife's "suggestion"
that he get his hair cut.
Thank God.
D has many close friends who work at the Navy Yard,
and we are still waiting to hear of their safety.
Please pray for those who lost loved ones today.
God Bless America.
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Katie Clooney said...

So glad he's ok. Such a sad situation.

Nancy said...

Wow! I thought of y'all yesterday...glad he is safe and definitely praying for those affected by this horrible tragedy.


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I knew you had a Navy/DC connection and thought of you when I heard. Glad your hubby is safe!

miss andrea lee said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. So glad you all are OK! Praying for your friends.

Simply LKJ said...

So thankful he is okay. My brother was in class, and not in his normal offices as well. Thank God. Continuing to pray for those involved.

JulesTX said...

So glad to know your husband is ok.

Sending positive thoughts your way for positive news on his friends and colleagues.

Mocadeaux said...

This reminded me of the posts I recently read about September 11th, spouses waiting, holding their breath until they heard from their loved ones. We are all relieved for those whose family members are safe and pray for those who were injured or killed. Who knew a haircut would make such a difference!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

So happy to hear that your husband is safe!

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