Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Master Bedroom Progress

Well...this post sounds a bit misleading because the progress I have made on my
master bedroom is so small that it is barely progress,
but it is EXCITING for me!
Here is before....
And here is after!!!

Clearly I need a new bed skirt...LOL.

I love the carved detail!
In the background is the new gold mirror I took from my powder room...
I couldn't make it work in there and I love having it in my bedroom!

I posted about being sensible here when I gave up those
Lilly Pulitzer chairs that were to die for.
Well....by being sensible...and with a lot of luck,
I was able to score this beautiful solid mahogany four poster rice bed!
I first spotted it at one of my favorite consignments here in RVA back in June.
I watched and waited through the three markdowns and when it still didn't sell,
I asked the shop owner to ask the seller how low she would go on the price.
The price was right!
SO glad I passed up the chairs to buy my bed!
Here is the inspiration for my master bedroom...
Colorful Christmas in a Colonial - Traditional Home®
And a few more that I love...

Nancy Serafini Design

I also love love love this one!
Love this one too! I want matching chests similar to the ones in this picture.

 New Orleans master bedroom, with a 19th-century English four-poster bed. Southern Accents

 So....I have my beautiful bed!
Now I just have to select fabric and trimmings, paint, and choose window treatments.
I want to get matching bachelor chests on either side of the bed,
and then dress the room up with lamps and accessories.
Well...it's a baby step!
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Nancy said...

yay! so glad you got your new bed!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love that bed! Such pretty details!

Simply LKJ said...

The bed is gorgeous!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Love that bed! You can do a million things with that beautiful bed. How fun.

Andrea said...

Your bed is gorgeous!!! I bought one near identical from Herendon via the classifieds, prior to the Internet, obviously years ago... it was my first major furniture purchase, and I still treasure it!

The Glam Pad

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