Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mad about Plaid

I love tartan plaid!
 I have a lot of plaid in my fall and winter wardrobe
and I have a lot a madras in my spring and summer wardrobe.
Here is a classic look that I would wear this winter
Preppy plaid and pearls
 I am Scottish on my paternal grandmother's side,
and love that we have two different family (clan) tartan plaids!
Some day I hope to have a few skirts or wraps made in these tartans
The McIlvaine Clan
The Murray Clan
Although I don't decorate specifically with tartan plaid, I do have some sort of plaid,
whether it be a window treatment or a pillow, in each of the rooms of my home.
I also like to decorate my table with tartan plaid, especially around the holidays.
Here are some wonderful pictures of tartan plaids used in fashion and at home...
Love the black lampshades with the dark tartan.
.Tartan chair
Just love the chair!
Tartan Shade Crystal Lamp
I love this look...sometimes it's hard to get a "fresh" and bright look with tartans.
Warm and inviting
This would be my cabin retreat...when I win the Powerball.
I love the color of this plaid and green tartan...LOVE THIS!
Rattlebridge Farm: A Tartan Picnic
Take me on a picnic any day with this adorable set!
Mixing my love of monograms with my love of tartan plaid!
Festive table
Another great holiday table setting!
Darling, I think I'll have some tea towels made with your Scottish words. what do you think, read the following words and tell me if it'll work. I think different colors might be nice too..............
So charming!
Tartan Pearl Drop Earrings
Got to have!    Here's how the tartan stacks up.  Arita Tartan Charger  Lauren Ralph Lauren Skyler  Target Holiday 2010 Classic Tidings  Global Design Connection by Kate Williams  Home Beautiful Stoneware in Royal Stewart
Love these plates!!! 
Monogrammed Tartan plate
Another mix of monograms and tartan plaid!
Red and Black tartan bag -  Marni 2012 Winter Collection
I am on a handbag "ban" but oh would I love to have this one!
For D....great with khaki's or jeans!
A classic!
1950's Plaid Preppy Sundress. I love plaid!
 Perfect for a summer cocktail party!
bridesmaids tartan
LOVE for a Christmas wedding!!!!
All of these photos and more can be found on my Mad About Plaid board on Pintrest.
Are you mad about plaid?

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Simply LKJ said...

Makes me wanna go buy something plaid ASAP!

Nancy said...

now this is more gingham than plaid but I just saw these and thought of like pink right? {or perhaps I've lost my mind :)} anyway if you DO like pink look at these...,default,pd.html?cross=product_rr-11817-12096

Katie Clooney said...

Great photos! I ADORE plaid. Not a lot of people wear it in Texas so I can't wait to buy some when I arrive in Mass. LOVE the earrings!

Preppy and Proud of it! said...

Adore everything about it. I think we might be essentially the same person on different coasts!

suburban prep said...

Love the posting for today. Between you and Preppy and Proud of it you are bringing the season into the fold.

Lobster Meets Peach said...

I too adore plaid! My Pop-Pop always wore plaid pants in the Fall and Winter. Plaid always reminds me of him and puts a smile on my face.

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I've been debating doing a plaid mood board for a wedding lately because I feel like it's going to be a big resurgence. You're confirming my thinking...

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