Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Front Door Fashion

I have been in search of the perfect urns or planters for my front porch for about a year now.
I don't know why I am being so picky.
My front porch is small, but large enough that if I get something too small,
it will look ridiculous.
I know I want boxwood topiaries in them.
Here are some of my inspiration pictures
front entry door 30 Inspiring Front Door Designs Hinting Towards a Happy Home
Wish I could have climbing this topiary shape.
Love the yellow with the black door!
 black painted front door; black lantern porch lights; large urns with geraniums, million bells, and topiary
LOVE how flowers are planted at the base of the topiary!
 boxwood topiaries
ADORE these basket weave planters!
 blue and white planers, black door and filigree lantern
I could do blue and white planters...
 How to make the best first impression of your home. | Urban Aesthetics
LOVE these but I would kill them for sure.
 Life As It Is: Christmas Wreaths
Didn't see too many pictures with a cone shape, but it is one of my favorites!

These are just a few of my favorites....
most importantly, I need something that is LOW maintenance!
I am thinking a cone shape boxwood in a lattice planter,
or a big ball shape in an urn.
Either way, I like the ones that have additional flowers planted
around the base of the topiary....pansies do well here and last almost all year.

How do you decorate your front porch?



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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I chose self-watering containers so the plants would live :). In the summer, it gets so hot and dry fast. You can see them, here
I think I like the kind that have a good base on the ground. I would definitely do blue and white if it works for your home.

Katie Clooney said...

These photos are great. I always had fresh plants in a french basket on my door. But then I got lazy - now I have a wreath from William Sonoma. Have a wonderful day, Christine.

Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful! I need to create a new fall wreath for our front door, and update our planters.

Caroline said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the third picture (one with numbers on the storm door) and the blue and white pots for the planters in the third to last picture. I think we could do something super cool with our small front porch! I also saw on pinterest during the time of the holidays putting the wooden letter in the middle of a wreath! We should try it! Miss ya mama! xoxo

Andrea said...

We are painting our front doors a high gloss/lacquer black from Fine Paints of Europe, and I will be flanking the door with topiaries in blue and white planters, a la the third image from the bottom. That was one of my inspiration pics as well!!

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