Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Word Up!

I love to write....I always have.
I am not a fabulous writer, but I am not writing to make a living...
I write because I like to.
D always used to chuckle at my emails because they were peppered with words like
pensive, plethora, serendipitous, or baffled, just to name a few.
I found this list of words to use more often on Pintrest.
I had to chuckle myself because I do use a lot of these words already.good nouns and verbs
Some are pretty common, but I was captivated by the words
enthralled, mayhap, discombobulate, and hullabaloo.
I think I will try adding them to my vocabulary this week for fun.
On that note, I hope your day is not filled with superfluous tasks,
and that you are resplendent in all that you do!

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