Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Life on the Ledge Part One

I think y'all know we moved the first of June!
We LOVE our new home and are mostly settled,
however there are still a few random boxes around that need to be unpacked.
Our new home is on Ledge Circle,
so here is part one of life on the Ledge....

Disregard the dead shrub by the front door....clearly having some landscaping issues.
Visiting our local extension office Monday to diagnose the mystery disease killing our shrubs.

The summer was crazy fun and crazy busy,
and my primary goal was to get unpacked.
Now that we've been in the house for a few months,
I'm starting to get some decorating ideas.

We have a much more open floor plan than our old house,
so I feel the need for the downstairs to have a little more "flow."

This is our entry hall....I love our front door and the curved staircase.
It's currently painted a light taupe, but eventually I want to change it...
 but that's a low priority right now.

Looking to recover the slipper chair in a Chinoiserie fabric.

Looking into our formal living room from the foyer....
This room is going to be painted soon.
I'm having the ceiling painted white (currently a taupe) and the walls a butter yellow.
I love the woodwork, the bookshelves, and the window in this room.

I plan to do a plaid window treatment in the same plaid silk as the sofa pillows.

I'm looking for a large blue and white fish pot for the floor by the hall table.
Also need a large rug....there is an echo in our foyer right now!

 Love that my dining room is not crowded when I have all four leaves in the table.
I found the brass chandelier at a consignment shop, but I'm hoping to get a crystal one.
It needs to be lowered but it weighs a ton,
so we need Jack and Teddy home at the same time to help with that project.
Hint, hint, boys.
Looking for some chandelier shades in a french blue.

The walls are currently a light gray, 
but I'm either painting or wallpapering this room.
This was my original plan but it's out of print and I can't find the fabric ANYWHERE...
And I need at least 15 yards for draperies.
So moving past that plan....
I want the color scheme to be blue, green, and yellow, with maybe a hint of pink.
I would die to do this room in the hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper,
but that is WAY out of my budget right now.
(unless the kids all drop out of college...lol)
Planning on draperies with trim for the window.

And here is the "before" of our powder room...
I actually love this shade of red, but not in a small and dark powder room.
This is my first decorating project.....
I will leave you with a hint of where I am going with it!

I would have loved to participate in the One Room Challenge, 
but realistically I know I can't finish this in six weeks! 

I'm so excited to get moving on my decorating projects!
 We are on the tail end a fabulous football and volleyball season,
and when the boys are finished with their sports,
I will have more time to work on our house.
Someone made the Varsity volleyball team.....

And my JV starting quarterback!

Hope y'all are having a fabulous Fall!!!!!
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Nancy said...

love seeing your new home and cant wait to see how your projects progress!

Simply LKJ said...

What a gorgeous home. I love all of your ideas, and can't wait to see it come together.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Your plans look pretty! I know what you mean about completing a project in 6 weeks - I'm working on my master bath and I just can't go fast at all, but the end is in sight :-)

Donna said...

love your new home...can't wait to see your projects as you complete them...congrats to all your kids on their achievements...you have a wonderful family...

Katie Clooney said...

Christine... I love your new home. Love the woodwork, molding and windows. Great sized rooms. Your touches of blue and white and furnishings are so pretty. Can't wait to follow the progress! Have a great week.

Paula said...

The house looks fab, so much room. And, decorating possibilities! Have missed your posts so much, glad to do a little catching up with you and your family.

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