Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steals and Deals at Tuesday Morning

Have y'all heard of Tuesday Morning?
It's like a Home Goods, only 90% of their merchandise is usually "junk."
That being said, you can definitely find some treasures there...
so I do stop in if I happen to be near one and I have the time.
Well I stopped in Tuesday Morning today,
and I hit the jackpot!

Have you heard of Peacock Alley?
They are a luxury brand of bed linens and bath linens, etc. out of Dallas, Texas.
Here are their pique bed linens....BEAUTIFUL....
and the pricing STARTS at $280...for the twin size.

And look what I found at Tuesday Morning....
Can you see that price tag?
$14.99 for a pair of standard pillow cases!
Being the princess that I am, 
I like my pillowcases to be SUPER soft....and monogrammed of course.
Here is the condition of my current "princess" pillowcase...
Yes that is a hole....I have had my current set for twelve years.
I've been searching for some "high end" cases at a "low end" price...
and today my patience paid off!

These are a newer version of what I purchased at they retail for $150.00 a pair!

I called D to tell him my exciting news and fabulous husband that he is, 
D did a marvelous job of acting SUPER excited for me.
I suspect he was probably rolling his eyes...but I did save $135.
Of course he will remind me that I did SPEND $14.99.
We have a slightly different idea of what "saving" means.

So if you are looking for some luxury linens, check out Tuesday Morning!
You can enter your zip code on their website to see if they have a store near you.
They had Peacock Alley sheet sets, blankets, coverlets, and shams at my local store...
Unfortunately I still have NO idea what direction I am going with our master bedroom,
so I did not buy any other bedding....I will probably regret it.

I LOVE a steal!

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Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

We have a Tuesday Morning in our town that is HUGE! And, it is set up and kept really nice and has the best stuff! I just bought a lamp that was originally $139 for $35! I try to stop in at least a couple times a month.

Simply LKJ said...

We have several stores here (one just 5 minutes up the road). Haven't stopped in awhile. Might have to check it out tmrw!! Great find. One thing I do go to them for however is down pillow inserts...super cheap, great quality (1/4 of the price of PB).

Nancy said...

guess where i'm going today? duh...Tuesday morning! holla! thanks for the tip. I hope they have them at my local store :)

Alyson said...

You did hit the jackpot! I have gotten things at Tuesday Morning before. I kinda forget about it...will have to go back in.

Nancy said...

well I went and although I didn't buy any thing myself...a friend of mine did :) and I might go back for the sheet set...hope you don't mind but I posted about it today and linked back to you :)

Girl with the Curlz said...

Great deal!! Crazy but I've never been in a Tuesday Morning. We have one in town I've just never stopped in. Guess I need to buzz over there :)

Andrea said...

Oh, yeah! Tuesday Morning is AMAZING!!! I shopped there all the time when we lived in Dallas. We do have them here in South Florida, but I have not been as heavy of shopper since we moved... thanks for the reminder!!

The Glam Pad

designchic said...

Truly a wish we had one!! I love Peacock Alley sheets, but only have one set that were a wedding gift. You definitely hit the jackpot!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Such a steal! I never go to Tuesday Morning, but I'll have to stop by when I get home!

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