Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Let Down

I was hoping after last year's disaster of a sale Lilly Pulitzer would have been prepared for this year.
Not so.
I tried getting on their site at 8:00am and was kicked off numerous times.
The few times I was able to get something in my tote to purchase,
I got kicked off the site again and the items were sold out by the time I got on again.
By late afternoon, the site was running well, but the merchandise had been
very picked over with limited sizes.
I learned from last year that if you see something you can't live without...
buy it full price.
Shop New Arrivals
If you are interested in seeing what is left, go here
There is quite a bit of stock left, just none of the things I had my eye on.
So I will focus on Lilly's fall collection and here is what I can't live without...
Charlene Dress
This is the Charlene dress by Lilly Pulitzer and it is FAR cuter in person than on the web.
I tried it on while in Kansas and it is a navy and mint green stripe in a heavyweight, stretchy knit.
It is SUPER comfortable and will look great with my Tory navy patent Caroline flats.
For someone who has been wearing Lilly Pulitzer for 25 or more years, it's frustrating that the loyal customers are getting edged out of purchasing at the sale.
In my opinion, if the site is down for some people, it should be down for ALL shoppers.
Clearly the site was working for some people because everything sold out before I could get on!
 Eventually Lilly Pulitzer will not be as outrageously popular as it is right now, and maybe then I will have a chance to catch some things that I want on sale!
Did you have any luck ordering from the Lilly sale?

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Katie Clooney said...

I'm wondering if the employees bought everything! Very odd the site worked for only a few people.

Simply LKJ said...

Bummer! I was able to snag Katie a cute dress for a steal at our store back home before we left.

JulesTX said...

I know what you mean, its quite frustrating that it keeps happening.

Karen Albert said...

I love Lily and this striped piece IS one I would wear a lot. With sales going on day in and day out; for me I can't justify full price. Most haven't had the huge medical issues I have the last two years though. So, go for it if you can!

Love and Hugs,
2013 Artists Series

Andrea said...

I heard all about the "party crashing" yet shockingly, I had no problems at all! I bought four dresses, one skirt, one belt, and two tops yesterday - all for a fraction of the original price! My main problem with Lilly is crazy size inconsistencies... I'm holding my breath that everything fits once it arrives! Otherwise, I'll be having my own Lilly sale via eBay.

The Glam Pad

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