Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stylish Slow Cookers

I would never have put "stylish" and "slow cooker" in the same sentence,
but check these two out!
Order here
But also LOVE LOVE LOVE this one too!
Order here
And here is an AWESOME recipe for pulled pork BBQ in the slow cooker
compliments of my BFF, S...(she found it on )
This is YUM OUT!!!
So....which one will I pick?
I think I will get the green and white for me
and the blue and white for my Virginia mom!
I would love for you to share your favorite slow cooker recipe with me!

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I have an ugly green one at home, but it works great. Slow-cooking is my favorite way to make meals in the winter. That recipe looks amazing.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I just got a new one - stainless - that now seems so boring. Why did I not see these because they are just too pretty :-)

JulesTX said...

I just adore the green slow cooker, so cute.

Katie Clooney said...

Ours is so ugly. I want a new one!! Also, what a cute shower gift. Thanks for the tip!

Leslie said...

First time visiting:) Every woman needs one .. or two if you can't decide between on or the other;) I like the blue! This will come in handy time and time again. I use mine in the winter at least once or twice a week. Thanks for posting the links!

ShelBeau said...

I'm chuckling because after practice in the van ride home the boys were talking about the BBQ dish that I made one time. It's really sad when you so rarely cook that you can't even recall what they're talking about. Thanks for reminding me! :) That is a great one.

Andrea said...

I have the blue and white one!! We already had a slow cooker, but this one was so pretty, I had to have it!

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