Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet The Kellogg Collection

If you live in the Northern Virginia or the Richmond area and you love decorating,
you have probably heard of The Kellogg Collection.
It is an exquisite home décor shop with everything from furniture to flowers.
While pricy, they do have sales and they happen to be having a 25% off sale until the end of August.
 (in stores only)
Visit their website here to see all of their products and store locations.
I love just about everything in their stores...all of their merchandise is classy and fabulous!

 They have a blog as are some photos of their designers' work,
(all of which can be found on their blog)


High-end furniture
Yellow Living Room Furniture | The Kellogg Collection
Rugs on display in DC
The designers are easy to work with and are very helpful, whether you are going to drop $5,000 for a rug or $50 for a flower arrangement...and they have WONDERFUL botanical prints.
The print in my entry hall is from their shop.
horrible photo....but you get an idea
 Their blog is also a great resource for decorating information....lamp shade styles
Here are a few things from their collection that I would love to add to my home...

Bamboo Style Mirror

White Trellis Lamp

Summer Palace Bowl

These are just a few of their fabulous items...the selection in their stores is much more extensive than their website, but you can get a feeling of what they have from their online shop.
I love to look at their photos to get ideas for my own home!

Do you have a favorite local decorating shop?

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Katie Clooney said...

Love all their things! Will definitely look at their website!

Miss Southern Prep said...

LOVE the Kellogg Collection! I'm loving that summer palace bowl!

Simply LKJ said...

Pretty things. Thanks for sharing their site.

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