Monday, May 6, 2013

Back to Reality

I just spent a wonderful long weekend with my husband up at my dad and step-mom's home in Northport, Michigan. I love to visit my parents and it is always a respite for me when I am there, as their house is situated in a secluded spot in the woods, right on Grand Traverse Bay.  I can unwind, sooth the soul, sleep late, and restore my energy. Here is where I have been....

This is D and Me "chillaxing" as #3B likes to say 

As you can imagine, life as working mom to a blended family of eight can be overwhelming at times, and our family has faced some pretty significant challenges in the last six months. I am very fortunate to have a place I can go to let my worries melt away and just be at peace for a bit. I recognize that I need to do a much better job of managing my stress, but that can be the topic of another post...once I figure out how to do that!

In case you were wondering who has the children when I am able to slip away for a respite, it is my mother and step-dad. It is truly a blessing that they live in the neighborhood next to ours, and that they are so willing and able to have the children for overnights when I am out of town. My mom and step-dad are incredibly supportive and helpful with the children and I am so grateful that we have them near by so that we can spend time together often.

Some may think this is selfish for me to take these trips, but I am a better mother, better wife, better social worker, and better person in general when I take care of myself.

Here are some more photos of previous trips to Northport, either alone or with the family...

Campfires on the beach

Lake Michigan

Northport House

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Grand Traverse Lighthouse
(my kids have grown so much since this was taken!)

Hiking in Leelanau State Park

D and me at the beach
The triplets and I will be returning to Northport at the end of July, where the triplets will go to sailing school for the week (the triplets are my #3A & #3B and my husbands #3, all of which are 12 years old) and I am already counting down until I can return to Northport.
Where do you go to relax and unwind?

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