Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keep Calm And Carry On

If you have read my profile, you will know that I am married with kids....what you may not know is that my dear husband works in Washington DC and since last December, he has been living in his "man cave" in Arlington, VA Monday through Friday and is only home on weekends. Sometimes he travels for work and I end up seeing him only two days in a month. I miss him terribly during the week, and while we can talk and text, sometimes our schedules (or time zones when he's traveling) prevent us from talking for more than a few minutes. Some days, I find myself having a pity party and wishing things were different, and that D could be home every night again...then I remember what's REALLY important and am thankful that I am married to a wonderful man who loves and and adores me and my children, who respects me, and who has the highest integrity.

I randomly happened upon Leanna Ranieri's blog and her post spoke to me.....here are the things I found on her post...

Who are you missing?
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Katie Clooney said...

For the first married years of our lives, the Mister and I lived apart. It was kind of romantic. When kids are involved, it's not easy. Hang in there!! Looks like you are doing a great job!!

Simply LKJ said...

Great inspiration. My brother too is always on the go with his duties. They too live in VA now (their home is in Maryland), and he has had to commute to DC as well.

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