Monday, June 17, 2013

Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Am I the only one that has randomly strange things occur in my household? I am talking about the kinds of things that you don't even want an explanation for because you probably don't really want to know?

For example, look at the picture below....

Have any of you found a little gold man playing baseball hanging out by the yogurt in your fridge?
Or how about this....
A tennis racquet, missing the strings, duct taped inside the basketball net.....thank goodness that is not MY tennis this a common contraption that I have missed hearing about?
Or how about finishing a load of laundry and finding a Peso, a human tooth, and a fake rubber finger at the bottom of the washing machine?
What things in your household have made you go hmmmmmm????

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Simply LKJ said...

ROFL! Obviously someone's trophy is missing the top (guess they thought hiding the evidence amongst the yogurt was a good thing?). Okay, the finger would have grossed me out.

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