Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Field Trip: The Army Navy Club

Monday night I drove up to Washington DC to have a date night with my husband. He was out of town this past weekend so I had not seen him in about 10 days. He took me to the Army Navy Club for dinner and we had a lovely evening!

The  Army Navy Club

Entering the Club, which is two blocks north of the White House 

The Main Dining Room where we had dinner

 One of the hotel rooms for members and guests of the club

View of the club on Farragut Square

The Library

The Eagle Grill Room

This is a very special guest room with a hand carved bed from China...can't appreciate the detail on this bed from my picture!

Another view of the Library

 D and I after we look tired or what??? But it was a WONDERFUL evening!

View from our table...we had the first seating and it was like private dining until about 7:00pm!
 View from my seat at dinner

 The Reading Room

It was a perfect evening, the food was magnificent, and the club is just beautiful.
The best part of the evening is that my husband and I got to spend time together, just the two of us, really connecting without the usual interruptions of every day live.

Funny story....I commented to D at dinner that I knew we were at a "nice" restaurant because there were not prices on the menu. He laughed and told me there are always prices on his menus when he takes me out to dinner...apparently there are "ladies' menus" and "gentlemen's menus"...clearly assuming the gentleman will be paying....old fashion and I love it! 

After spending the night at my husband's man cave, I headed back to RVA super early this morning, back to my crazy busy life. It was sure a wonderful little respite.

And MANY thanks to my Virginia parents for keeping the kids overnight so I could go!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the Army Navy Club!

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Simply LKJ said...

What a fun evening. Too funny about the menus.

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