Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Investment Dressing

I am often complemented on my outfits, and most of what I wear is VERY in a lot of my wardrobe is almost 10 years old! My style has always been "classic" and "preppy" and when you buy classic clothes, they never go out of style. I have Lilly Pulitzer dresses that are older than my twins, and I still get complements when I wear them.

Part of creating a wardrobe that will last a long time is not only buying things that are classic, but buying things that are well made and then taking good care of them. There are wardrobe "staples" that are the foundation of a great wardrobe (I'll save that for another post) and then there are "investment" pieces that will set you back a chunk of change, but you will have them forever.

Here are a few of my investment pieces:

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is a classic bag that you can dress up or down. I have had mine for 14 years now and it's still in great shape...I don't carry it every day.

The Ferragamo Vara shoe is classic and comfortable...I have these in black, navy, and black patent leather and I have had these for over 15 years now. They have needed to be re-soled once or twice, but they are still as good as new. They come in a flat version as well as a pump, and in many colors.

A trench coat is another great investment, especially if it has a lining to use during the winter months. Burberry makes a classic, but you can find more reasonably priced ones at Talbots.

A dark suit in either navy or black, that is dressy enough to wear to a cocktail hour, but casual enough to wear to a funeral or charity luncheon. I have a black "Chanel inspired" boucle suit that is an Albert Nipon, and is similar to the one pictured. I can wear it with a triple strand of pearls to dress it up, or a silk scarf to dress it down. Good places to shop for a suit like this is Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom's, or Saks. Another GREAT place to find a suit similar to this is at a consignment shop and it will be half the price!

Speaking of silk scarves, having a few classic silk scarves like this Hermes one is a great way to accessorize. I love equestrian inspired prints and have one in pink and black, and one in navy and gold. You can also find classy silk scarves that are much more affordable at my favorite shop, Talbots.

Finally, a strand of pearls and pearl earrings. Having real pearls is very special, but you can find good imitation or "costume" pearls these days at a fraction of the price at most high end department stores. I have several strands, including both a double and a single choker length strand, and both a single and double strand of long ones (most of which are costume) and peal earrings in two sizes.

Shopping at consignment shops really is a great way to find these investment pieces...we have many upscale consignment shops in Richmond and I have found designer suits and dresses as well as handbags and accessories for a great price and they look like new!

These are a few of my key investment pieces...what do you consider to be your "investment" pieces?

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Katie Clooney said...

I knew I liked you!! We feel the same way about classic dressing. Some of my jewelry that I wear is a gold charm bracelet that was originally my mothers and a round gold insignia medalian that my hubby bought for me 25 years ago in N'orleans. Some of my purses are 20 years old but still look good. I love silk scarves too. I have one from Gucci that is 15 years old and still my favorite.

Andrea said...

I think we share the exact same wardrobe!! :) I'm so with you so with you on this philosophy! I love the old saying, "buy the best, and you'll only cry once." And high-end consignment shops are an excellent resource for stocking up on these essentials on a budget.

The Glam Pad

Simply LKJ said...

I agree, classic pieces last forever. My youngest loves Lilly! The quality is amazing, and the style classic.

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