Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekend Recap weekend did not turn out as I had planned for it to be, but that's was still a good one. Can you say BASEBALL???? I spent eight hours at the baseball field on Saturday in the FREEZING cold and WIND (hello...this weekend is known for being the un-official start of summer!) and then another eight hours at the baseball field on Sunday for my twins' travel baseball tournament. Fortunately, this travel ball team is extremely tight, and the parents are all good friends, so it's fun to go to the games and visit with the other moms. Mix in the twins attending a Bat Mitzvah party on Saturday night, a sleepover at our house Sunday night that included SEVEN 12 year old boys (clearly I was out of my mind when I agreed to that but it went surprisingly well) as well as two of my #1's girlfriends, and a couple of home improvement projects and POOF the weekend was gone!

#3A hamming it up with his teammates

#3B with his best buds (and teammates)

Brotherly love....BH (before hair cuts)

#3B when I ask him for a "nice" smile

WOW what a transformation (AH....after hair cuts)
It was painful for them to act like they liked each other...LOL

#1 with her two girlfriends

D and I look tired or what????
So while it was not a "relaxing pool" weekend, it was fun and full of activities and adventure!
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Simply LKJ said...

I am exhausted just reading your post! We only had two, and they were always on the go. I remember those days...we lived in the car!! Hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation soon!!! (even if it is 5 minutes in the bathroom alone ;-)

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