Monday, May 20, 2013

What's in my Pool Bag?

Summer has unofficially arrived with the club pools in our development opening this past weekend. Unfortunately this past weekend was not a pool weather weekend, so I think we will attempt our first pool outing next weekend. Here is what I keep in my pool bag:

This is what I use for my pool bag...monogrammed of course! I have the medium one with the longer straps so I can carry it on my shoulder. Sadly, LL Bean did not make this in pink this year...but you can find this tote here.
I love the Lands' End beach towels and I have this towel in pink polka dots with a green monogram. Unfortunately, LE is not making this in pink this year either! You can find this towel here.
I have these Tory Burch polarized sunglasses in black with the black can find them here.
I have about five different versions of these ElizaB ribbon flip flops, which are my go to pool shoe. You can design your own and they happen to be on sale right now, 20% off here.
I have a Nook and HAD to have the Lilly cover when they came out last year! My nook is the color one with internet and I read both books and magazines on it. You can find this Nook cover here.
I actually have this Tervis because I am an alum of the U of A, but I bring my pink or green monogrammed one with the matching top to the pool to keep with my pink and green pool theme. You can order these here.
Of course I bring sunscreen! I prefer the Neutrogena products and have the spray on, the sunscreen for faces, and the kids sport sunscreen that stays on in the water. You can find Neutrogena products all over the place, but here is their website with all of their different sunscreen products.
I used to wear a big straw hat at the pool, and sometimes I still do when I need more shade, but I switched to a monogrammed visor last year because my hat was making me too hot. You can find these cute visors here.
Splash Bombs...can you guess who goes to the pool with me? I also have diving sticks.
You can find these here.
Hopefully the weather will be GREAT this weekend and we can hit the pool!
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