Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sandal Scandal

Just about everyone has heard of the classically preppy Jack Rogers sandal.
My girls and I have been wearing them for as long as I can remember...
long before they became the current trend with the high school and college set.
They come in tons of colors and you can even get them monogrammed!
I have a pair of these in light pink and another pair in navy blue,
and I love them...they are my go-to summer shoe.

You can select a circle monogram or a diamond monogram in a variety of colors.

While Jack Rogers has been around for a long time,
the original Palm Beach sandals are 
Stephen Bonanno Palm Beach Sandals
Almost identical to the Jack Rogers and they come in a MILLION colors.
These are the one that Jackie Kennedy wore, 
and they have many more color combinations than Jack Rogers.

Also offering several different monogrammed styles in a million color combinations.

Well this fabulous sandal company had an anniversary sale last January....
Woohoo...50% off!!!
I ordered four pairs of monogrammed sandals...two for me and one pair for each of my girls. we are a YEAR later and NO sandals.
Seems Stephen has disappeared off the face of the earth with my money... and about 200 other women's.

These sandals are custom, 
and each sandal is made to order so it is expected to take 6-12 weeks to receive your order.
Unfortunately, this is past the time frame that most credit card companies will refund your money.

I was expecting the sandals by May
and their website advised that it may be longer due to the overwhelming response to their sale.
I did not become alarmed until I read this post on one of my favorite blogs,
The Preppy Princess

That's when I started calling...and calling....and calling....
and their voicemail was either full or it would just ring forever with no answer.
I started emailing customer service almost daily.
Never heard back from anyone.
As of today, all of the phone numbers have been disconnected
and their warehouse is vacant.
Here is a news story about the sad situation...
(for some reason, this video works on my computer
 but does not show up when viewing my blog on my iPad)
I am not optimistic that I will ever see our sandals...or my money.
I am not optimistic that I will figure out how to insert a video properly on to my
I'm sure my son Teddy will be able to teach me.

Go here to view the complaints with the Better Business Bureau...
and here to view the official Stephen Bonanno Facebook page, where can read hundreds of complaints.

So here I continue to wait....doubtful that they will ever arrive.
I will probably end up ordering the same things through Jack Rogers,
however Jack Rogers doesn't have the color selections that Stephan Bonanno did,
so I won't be able to purchase exactly what I really wanted.

Did anyone else get tied up in this sandal scandal?

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Anonymous said...

I am out the cost of two pairs. Still makes me so mad! What a crook.

teresa-bug said...

I purchased two pair but realized in May that I would never see them so I contacted my credit card company. It makes me so sad.

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven for this post, I didn't realize the phones were disconnected, warehouse shut down, etc., I definitely need to do a followup! What a shame, this had been such a solid brand. Ouch to you and everyone who lost money.

Miss Southern Prep said...

That is absolutely terrible! I had heard wonderful things about this brand and had planned on ordering a pair sometime in the future, so I am shocked! I've had mostly great experiences shopping online, but hearing stories like this makes me nervous.

Katie Clooney said...

OMG Christine! How awful! Can your credit card co. do anything? AMEX is always pretty good about this stuff. So sorry.

Simply LKJ said...

Oh no! I would certainly talk with my credit card company as well. Katie and I tried on a pair of Jack Rogers last summer, but both of us found them to be very stiff and uncomfortable. I was surprised since so many people love them.

Andrea said...

Absolutely horrible, I am so sorry Christine!! As obsessed as I am with Jack Rogers (I think I have a dozen pairs) I had never heard of Stephen Bonanno... I guess that is a good thing! Best of luck in getting your money back. :(

The Glam Pad

Lobster Meets Peach said...

I am so sorry! What a rotten thing to do to customers!

eHa said...

I was so excited when I heard about the sale since they're so much more comfortable than jacks but time when on. I couldn't get in touch with them and the time I had for disputing the charge with my credit card was running out. So I let my credit card company know and they gave me my money back. In November, I got a call from them asking if I'd like my sandals even though it had taken so long. I was so upset about the whole thing I just ignored them. If you want to get the "same" sandals try Palm Beach Sandal Co. I've heard that that company is run by his ex-wife from their old factory and their customer service AND sandals are great. I haven't ordered a pair myself. I think you can call them and order styles other than the ones on their website.

Girl with the Curlz said...

I didn't get these but heard of someone who did. She ordered using her american express so she complained and did got her money back. Good luck. I hope you either get your sandals or your money back.

Courtney Pippen said...

Count me as missing my order for 3 pairs. :(

Courtney Pippen said...

Missing my order of 3 pairs! :(

Anonymous said...

I did not get my two pairs, yet someone named Lisa told me I would get mine when I last talked to her in August.

Anonymous said...

Palm Beach Sandals are different from these Stephen Bonanno Sandals aren't they?

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