Friday, October 30, 2015

What I've Been Up To....

OK so blogging in the Fall is just hard for me.
It's the sports.....which I LOVE,
but there's not enough time in a day!
Junior Varsity volleyball just finished this past week,
 and Junior Varsity football ends this week.
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night have been spoken for
 with games and matches on those nights since the beginning of September.
Then add our USNA season football tickets into the mix with weekends in Annapolis,
and fall is just about gone!
I can't complain' been GREAT!

When I have not been cheering on my boys or the Midshipmen, 
I have been frantically trying to get Caroline's new room ready.
Many of my Blog friends are participating in Linda from Calling It Home's
One Room Challenge
and I seriously thought about doing it,
but I just couldn't commit the time to blog about my progress weekly.
You can see here why I'm working on a new room for her.

My poor baby girl has been living like this for over a year now....

And Jack has been a SUPER STAR about not complaining about
the bags and bins of clothes in his room for the past YEAR.

Caroline has her own apartment at school,
but she still needs a bedroom at home to stay in when she's home for breaks.
And she needs a place for her "off-season" clothes...and shoes....and handbags.

So here is my inspiration for her room....which met with her approval.
And here is my own inspiration board...
Caroline's Room

Why, you ask is this such a major project for me?

Because THIS is a SMALL example of what the state of my husband's office has been.
I'm embarrassed to say my husband's "home office" quickly became a "storage room."
And we DO have an attic for storage....we just have A LOT to store.
So, imagine not seeing a square inch of the carpet in this room and that is where WE started.
I say "we" because my sweet husband was responsible for about 75% of the "items" stored in here.
I gently reminded (nagged) him to PLEASE sort (throw out) the things in his office
so that I could progress with getting Caroline's new room cleared out.
I an VERY happy to report that MANY garbage bags have been filled,
and "we" are almost done!

I am moving Caroline's furniture from her old room to her new room upstairs,
which is a "cottage style" armoire, bookshelf, and chest.
We are also getting her a new queen size bed....a grown up bed!

Here is a peek at the progress I have made....excuse me, I mean WE have made....

Scored this amazing custom fabric covered headboard at a consignment shop last month.
You can't tell from the picture, but it is a sage green toile on an ivory background.
It has a matching bedskirt and duvet too!
Teddy and Jack set up the bed frame and Caroline and I are going mattress shopping next week.
Got the nightstands at HomeGoods....LOVE that store.
And the lamps are moving....they were being "stored" in this room so I just set them there for now.

My goal is to have her room totally done before Thanksgiving.
I think I can do it.
We will have a house full of children and I want her to have her own space by then!

Here's my To Do list:
schedule movers
buy lamps for nightstands
pick out a mattress with Caroline
ivory queen sheet set monogrammed in sage green
Queen duvet and Euro shams in ivory
move Caroline's clothes from Jack's room to her new room
purchase under-bed storage bins

I will blog about her finished room....I have three weeks!

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slip4 said...

We live in the Richmond area and love the mattresses from The Original Mattress Factory. Your plan for the room looks so pretty!

Katie Clooney said...

LOVE the headboard!! Jackpot!! The inspiration pic is beautiful but I have a feeling that Caroline's room will be more so. You are one busy. Don't waste your time having blogger guilt. Enjoy your weekend!

Donna said...

Caroline's room will be beautiful! Love the headboard...

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