Monday, November 23, 2015

Moving Day...

See here for my post about decorating a room for Caroline.
Well I have made GREAT progress!

The movers came last week to move her furniture upstairs....
was not sure her armoire was going to make it to the third floor,
but the movers were awesome and figured a way to make it work!

I am going for an "updated classic" look,
and since toile is pretty classic and conservative,
I wanted to add a fun print to the mix to add a little bit of a trendy feel.
My mom and I found this green and ivory geometric print that matches perfectly!
The plan is to find a bench for the end of her bed and cover it in that print.
This is a very accurate picture of the colors...
the photos I took of her room don't show how pretty and bright the shade of green is.

I'm also looking for a small upholstered club chair I can slipcover in an ivory twill (shown above),
and I'm going have it piped in the green and ivory geometric print.

Also added these glass lamps with a silver finish for a more updated look.
Gotta LOVE HomeGoods

So here is where we were two weeks ago...

And here is where we were at the end of moving day.....

I've decided it's unrealistic to try and have this painted before Christmas.
It will take me at least a month to find the right shade of green!
Clearly, there is still work to be done....
accessorize and hang pictures, but I'm on track to get it done within the month.

I'll post her finished room in the New Year!

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Simply LKJ said...

Looking good! Love the green toile!

miss andrea lee said...

Looks fantastic!! I love the print mix you picked!! Can't wait to see the final result!

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