Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enjoy the moment...

Today was a particularly bad day at work and then I came home to chaos that started with "mom.....I was throwing a baseball at the basketball hoop...." (you can imagine where that was going). I am totally guilty of not "enjoying the moment" or "living in the present" because it always seems as if I am just rushing from one thing to another.

I was going through pictures tonight and found one of my all time favorites of my children. This was taken on the day I graduated from graduate school, and it shocked me to see how much the children have grown and how much our lives have changed since the picture was taken (2007). I really do need to stop, slow down, and try to savor the time I have left with my children at home. I already have one in college now, and before I know it I will have an empty nest. I am on a quest as to how to simplify my life so that I have more time to "enjoy the moments"and I need to learn how to appreciate the ones that I am letting slip by.

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