Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Room Challenge Week Three

Linking with Linda from Calling It Home to participate
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Well....I finally selected a green....
Benjamin Moore's "Scenic View"
Possible bathroom color
And here is the finished product....
I am happy with how it turned out.
Here is a reminder of what I started with...
You know how you start a project and something always
"pops up"
that causes complications in your plans?
Here is mine...
My Virginia Dad took the old light fixtures down so I could paint above the mirror,
and there are two holes almost the size of a dime on either side of where the fixtures mount.
Here is the light fixture I had selected...
DELTA 3-Light Chrome Bathroom Vanity Light
So I'm going to have to patch those holes and paint.
I'm also concerned that the globes from this fixture are longer than the ones from the old one
and that they may overlap the mirror, which I don't want.
In addition, upon further research, this fixture did not get good reviews...
most of them said it rusted within six months....that will not work for me.
So....on my to do list for this week....
Patch and paint holes above mirror
Look for new light fixtures
Order frame for mirror
Purchase new shower curtain rod
Here is a picture with the type of frame I am planning to order.
Notice how the globes of the fixture hang over the frame.
I don't think I want that look...although I may not have a choice
unless I go with the Hollywood lighting, which I don't like.
My soap dispensers got them!
I am getting matching jars at the Hobby Lobby to use as a toothbrush holder.
I decided to wait until the shower curtain arrives
to shop for rugs and towels because I want to match the shade of navy blue.
The shower curtain should be here in two weeks!
My number one priority right now is to get a new shower curtain rod
because we are ALL showering my bathroom until I get the new rod and mount it.
The old one was mounted on the walls and was not a tension rod, but it was gold.
I want another one that mounts on the wall because a tension rod plus eight kids
equals the shower curtain rod getting pulled down weekly.
I am happy with my progress this week!
So happy to have the painting done!

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Andrea said...

Yay, you found the perfect paint!!! It looks FANTASTIC!! Such a transformation already!

The Glam Pad

Nancy said...

like the green paint! cant wait to see the finished room :)

Barclay @ Gracious Home said...

Love the green paint! And, although the light fixture and your solution may temporarily slow you down - you'll probably find an even better fixture that you love more! Things always work out. Good luck!
Can't wait for the shower curtain....

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Love, love, love your progress!!! The green paint is fantastic. I am having a similar issue with the light in my guest bathroom except that my light isn't centered and I am trying to decide between paying the electrician to move it three inches to the right ... UGH ... or just sucking it up and making the Hollywood Light work with an upgrade!! Good luck! xo, MPM

Kimber McGallagher said...

Love the color you chose! I have the exact opposite problem with lighting in my boys' bathroom. It is miles above the mirror and it drives me crazy. Baby steps though. :)

Lobster Meets Peach said...

Looking good! Instead of having the lights point down could you have them point up, so that it would not hit the mirror?

Katie Clooney said...

Love the color and the mirror. Can't wait to see it finished!!

Mimi said...

Wow! This all looks great, and i love your soap dispenser!

Aesthetic Lounge

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Eight kids! I thought my blended brood of five was crazy. Can't wait to see more!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

The green looks so fresh and cool. The light hanging down would not bother me. Happy light shopping.

Improvement List said...

You picked out a great green color. It makes the room look so bright!

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Looking great! Hope you find a great light. Love that soap dispenser!!

Vel Criste said...

Glad you got it right! That soap dispenser is too cute!

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