Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week in Review

My week in review....
 Double Header Sunday... then practice Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday
Game Wednesday...practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Cheer Wednesday and Saturday
Navy Football Saturday...against Air Force

Go Navy!
Tailgating after the game... 
The Colossal Shake at Chick & Ruth's Delly
 with their BFF's in Annapolis, MD

They finished it....pretending they are ill.
Photo: Gamma phi does NASCAR
Meanwhile in Kansas....#1 working a NASCAR event with her Gamma Phi sisters.

Add working full time, school for the kids, and of course homework and laundry
and it's a pretty full week.

It starts all over again tomorrow....

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Simply LKJ said...

I am exhausted just reading your post! That milk shake reminds me of the colossal banana split sundae my brothers used to get at Friendly's when we were younger.

Katie Clooney said...

Great photos, Christine! Never a dull moment in your life!! Enjoy and try to get a little rest!!

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