Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Pink & Green Christmas

So I am pink and green crazy...but to be honest, 
when I comes to Christmas I am more of a red and green girl.
I love tartan plaids all year long, but I especially love the red tartan plaids during the holidays!

That being said, here are a few fabulous pink and green Christmas photos...
What could be better than a Lilly Pulitzer Christmas?
These are just adorable cookies...almost too cute to eat!
Lovely pink and green holiday table setting!

Follow my my Christmas Board on Pintrest to see more pink and green Christmas pictures!
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Simply LKJ said...

Love! I created a Lilly tree fit our youngest as a surprise this year! Will post pics after she sees it next week!

Andrea said...

I am absolutely LOVING this pink and green Christmas inspiration... but this is coming from a girl who has a pink Christmas tree!!

The Glam Pad

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