Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What's on my Christmas List?

I usually have a difficult time coming up with a Christmas list....
this year I tried to come up with a few things that
I would love to find under the tree....
I have this one in a 9 1/2 qt oval, which is prefect for roasts.
I would love to have a round one to use for home made soups and chili.

I live in fleece in the fall and winter and would love this robe in the color blue that is shown...
with a monogram of course!

I have this bracelet in pink, green, navy, and turquoise and love to pair them up
and wear them with my gold chain link bracelet.
I would love a black one since I do wear black in the winter.

I can't remember which blog I read a review about this cute cookbook on,
but I added it to my amazon shopping cart and would love to get it for Christmas.
It looks fun!
I decided I wanted to step it up a bit with my camera...
being in a family FULL of photographers, I didn't feel the need to add ANOTHER Nikon DSLR camera to the family collection....this one is perfect for me.
It has a super zoom for getting close ups when taking pics from the stadium,
and it has a sports mode so I can get action shots of the kids.
We have a Bose system for cd's but I NEVER play cd's anymore
since all of my music is on my iPhone and my nano-pod (which is my silly name for my ipod nano).
I tried this speaker out...AMAZING sound....and the speaker is smaller than the size of a brick!
I desperately want these cuties for the bookshelves in my family room.
One of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer, of The Pink Pagoda has them in her shop along with some other fabulous blue and white porcelain accessories.

Please take note that there are NO handbags listed....
shocking as it may seem, I am content with my collection...

I would also be happy with gift cards to some of my favorite shops,
such as Talbots, Lilly Pulitzer, Williams-Sonoma, or my very favorite HomeGoods!

What's on your Christmas list this year?

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suburban prep said...

I would love a Dutch oven as well. I have given them as a gift a few years ago but I have not spent the money on myself. I would also love a pair of leather riding boots. I know what I want are not cheap and well I will probably not receive them but that is fine. I really would love for health for my family.
I have the Preppy Cookbook is it wonderful. I hope you receive your desires.
Have a joyful Christmas Season

Nancy said...

hi suburban prep...I tried to find your blog but am technically challenged. for your boots you might see if you can find them on amazon. right now they have a 30% off deal for shoes and boots over $100 that are sold and shipped by amazon. I used it yesterday to buy some by Frye that I keep pinning repeatedly. other places wont let you use a code on Frye boots so it was a great find through amazon. hope this helps :)

Nancy said...

hey Christine...I saw that llbean has 10% off through tonight plus free shipping and I think you get a ten dollar gift card for purchases over $50 as well. you should get the robe then wrap it up for yourself under the tree :)

Simply LKJ said...

Love your picks! We purchased a Staub dutch oven last year, and use it ALL the time. I usually am a "whatever you chose" kinda gal is fine with me, but this year there are a few things I really want...so a list might be forthcoming!! LOL Just might have to add that cookbook to my list!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

Such a great list! nothing over the top and all items will be used time and time again. I am hoping for a new camera lens this year for the kiddos sporting events.

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