Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Must Haves....

I suppose it is not officially winter, but in my book December 1st is "winter"
as the temperatures can start to randomly take a deep drop here in Virginia.
Being from Michigan, you would think that Virginia winters would be "mild" in my book.
Here are several of my "must haves" to survive the winter months....
This is the exact humidifier that I have and I love it!
It can run for 144 hours before you have to refill it, and it has both warm and cool mist.
I have bad allergies and it helps my sinuses as well as my dry skin.
This is a miracle in a tube.
Working in healthcare, I wash my hands a million times a day
and in the winter, my hands get so dry they can crack.
I use this moisturizer at bedtime and in the morning and it keeps my hands
soft, even after hand washing. 
I also use it on chapped lips!
This is the season of bubble baths!
I am fortunate enough to have a jacuzzi tub in my bathroom
and some nights I just can't warm up unless I take a long soak.
Here is a picture of what happens when you let the boys add their own bubble bath...
and then turn on the jacuzzi jets.
Bubbles overflowing the tub and on to the floor.

I digress....
These gloves have the special finger in them that allows you to use your iPhone
WITHOUT having to take your glove off!
I live in these fleeces...they are warmer than your typical fleece
and come in a zillion colors!
Nothing keeps me warmer than a down coat...and I have a few of them.
You can find them on sale for a great price at Land's End after Christmas.
NorthFace also makes a great one, but a little more pricey.
I wear these with my Bean boots as well as around the house,
and they really do keep your feet warm.
The kids and I have cocoa while they are doing homework and I am making dinner.
Finally...I have been thinking about sneaking this Heated Mattress Pad on to our bed.
D is practically suffocating with the TWO down comforters on our bed (not to mention the fleece blanket)
and I think adding a heated mattress pad might just do him in....
but he is in Northern Virginia during the week so maybe I just won't turn it on on the weekends?

What do you need to survive the winter months?

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eHa said...

I like silk long underwear for the winter! It's lightweight but it keeps me pretty warm. I will have to try the wool ragg I have and love the LL Bean wool hiking socks to wear with my bean boots but sometimes they're not warm enough.

ShelBeau said...

Perhaps that's the coat I need to keep my backside from freezing on the metal bleachers in the ice rink! :)

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