Monday, March 31, 2014

Pink and Green Spring Bling!

I tend to wear a lot of gold and/or pearl jewelry in the fall and winter,
but in the spring I break out the bright colors and my pink and green jewelry.
Here's some pink and green spring bling I'm loving...
I LOVE this bracelet and wear it with a pearl bracelet and a gold chain link bracelet.
Lilly Pulitzer Earrings...great with my Lilly dresses for spring and summer!
Loving this necklace from KEP designs!
Fornash Geko to stack pink and green enamel bangles with this!

And if I had an unlimited accessory budget, here are a few lovelies I would add....
These are lovely and would be perfect to wear to a spring wedding.

Do y'all change jewelry with the seasons?

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Katie Clooney said...

Love all this pretty bling. My fave is the Lilly earrings!

Nancy said...

wish I was better at even wearing jewelry :) your picks inspire me to do better :) btw...check out the jewelry at swell caroline...reminds me of you:

Simply LKJ said...

Must find the Lilly earrings. Love all the pink and green!

Simply LKJ said...

Oh, and agree with Nancy. Love Swell Caroline. Got bangles for the girls from there for Christmas.

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