Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Change of Command Memories Part I

July is a special month in our family because it is full of memories...
As I posted earlier, it is the anniversary of when D and I were engaged.
It is also the anniversary month of when D and I met back in 1986.
In addition, it is the month of D's Change of Command, which was an incredibly memorable event.
Here is part one of the photos from the COC events...
D's submarine was the USS Texas, in which Laura Bush was the sponsor.
We decided to invite President & Mrs. Bush to his Change of Command as a courtesy.
She accepted.
We had planned a very small party the night before the COC at a local tavern in Mystic, CT.
Harbour Court
Photo from Muffy Aldrich's blog, The Daily Prep
We were able to convince the catering manager at Harbour Court to move an event they had planned to another location in the club so we could host D's celebration dinner in the dining room.
It was a lovely evening....
Cocktails on the lawn...I think the kids ordered 100 Shirley Temples!
The crew...my how they have grown!!!!
D and me...
Enjoying the view...
View from dining room...
D and I with Mrs. Bush...I was really happy with how the flowers turned out.
Artistic shot by my sister...
After dinner...
D and I with D's mentor and his wife, who are also dear, dear friends of ours.

Chatting....Mrs. Bush was so gracious.
 Kids with the secret service...they loved hanging out with the SS!

 It could not have been a more perfect evening.
 Louisiana Daughter was with us that week in Connecticut (she still lived in Virginia at that point).

My girls!
My girls with one of D's junior officers, who is also a dear friend...and now a LT!
Look at how little the kids look!
 Hamming it up in the ladies' lounge.
I absolutely love planning parties and this one turned out perfectly!
D wanted to honor his wardroom officers at dinner, and we had several distinguished guests in from Texas in addition to Mrs. Bush. President Bush was out of the country on a speaking engagement.
It was one of those evenings when people are enjoying themselves so much that the party lingers on for hours...and nobody realizes how late it is.
It was a wonderful evening, and could not have been more perfect!

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Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Wow, what a lovely day and evening. Your 'crew' looks beautiful...and a former First Lady...how exciting.

Miss Southern Prep said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting! I just love the Bushes--I would love, love, love to meet them! That venue is gorgeous!

Katie Clooney said...

Christine... what an incredible evening!!! Mrs. Bush seems like she would be lovely and gracious. What an incredible memory for your beautiful family!

Simply LKJ said...

What a wonderful evening. And the view, breathtaking. Laura Bush is such a classy lady!

calicodaisy said...

How marvelous! Both for your husband's service and to have Mrs. Bush come to the event. I followed your link here from The Enchanted Home. Beautiful family and lovely post. -- Michele

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