Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend!

Mine was pretty I mentioned my husband took the kids (minus my #1) to the Delaware beach to visit his mother...she is probably recovering as I write...she is such a good sport to have the entire crew for a few days!
 from L to #3, D#2, my #4, D#3, D#4

They dug a giant hole and made a "hot tub" in the sand with four seats!

I spent the actual holiday doing nothing and watching NCIS re-runs...exactly what I needed...and I slept in! My #1 had plans with her friends so I spent the entire day accountable to no one but was perfect.
I worked Friday and then my mother, my #1, and I headed for the outlets in Williamsburg...looking for sorority rush there any time that my daughters are NOT looking for some type of clothing? I actually love shopping with them...and I finally got to check out the Kate Spade outlet! The entire store was 50% off and I had to use serious restraint to not purchase a new handbag!

I did score these ADORABLE Kelly green and navy ballet flats at the J Crew Factory Store thanks to my mother! I tried them on and wanted them so badly, but the only thing in my budget right now is college tuition so my sweet mama bought them for me!

D and my twins got home Saturday afternoon after dropping his children off for a vacation with their mom. We spent the afternoon at the pool and then it was date seems like forever ago that D and I had dinner together at the ANC (see here) and our "alone" time is at a premium right now, so we had dinner with the twins and then went on a long and relaxing walk together.

Sunday morning at 2:00am, my #2 and my "Louisiana Daughter," R, got home from Saranac, New York where they spent a glorious week at Young Life Camp. They are still recovering from the 15 hour bus ride home. R is my #2's BFF since childhood, but R moved to Louisiana last summer, which was a loss for our entire family. R is with us for six weeks this summer!

My "Louisiana Daughter" and my #2 at their last night of camp.
(this was clearly a "swanky camp"...I don't recall dressing in Lilly Pulitzer for dinner at camp)

50's night at #2, her BFF, A, and Louisiana Daughter
Sunday was LAUNDRY...only eight loads...and it was back to BASEBALL, with practice in the afternoon...they play in the state tournament beginning on Thursday in Arlington, Virginia and we will be up there for a long weekend.

Looking forward to my #1's BFF from the University of Kansas and sorority sister, S, arriving from Kansas City on Tuesday! She will be with us for a week!

Maybe you are starting to get an idea why our home is affectionately called
"Hotel Chadsworth"

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!

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Nancy said...

glad you had a happy holiday weekend. loving those shoes!

Simply LKJ said...

I don't know how you do it! Amazing. And yes, I completely understand the "hotel" reference. Love the flats you picked up (and what a sweet mama).

Katie Clooney said...

Wow Christine!!! So glad you got some time to yourself this weekend because it seems like you could really use it! Never saw such stylish campers as in the picture. So great your kids and your Mister's kids get along so well. Sounds like you have a fun week to look forward to.

Andrea said...

What a beautiful and stylish family, Christine! Wow, you certainly keep busy, I'm glad you were able to have a relaxing day to yourself... and that your sweet Mama treated you to those adorable J. Crew ballet flats! You are tempting me to hit the outlets... although the only thing in my budget right now is our home renovation. :(

The Glam Pad

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love how you spent the weekend. I need one of those do-nothing weekends. I am amazed that you can keep all the names straight :). Did you say eight loads of laundry? Wow, impressive.

Kate said...

Hotel is right! Your kids are lucky to have such a welcoming hostess!

I saw those shoes at J.Crew factory but didn't have them in my size :(

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