Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Broke My Rule

I have a rule....
NO Christmas decorating or Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving.
It was disturbing to me that many stores had their Christmas decorations out before Halloween.
I was pleasantly surprised when I was in Nordstrom's
and noticed that they had NOT decorated their store for Christmas.
Well....I broke my rule.
D's children have never been able to participate in decorating our home for Christmas
 because their time with us in December is usually too late in the month to wait to decorate.
So this past weekend while D's children were here,
we decorate for Christmas.
It was a wonderful evening and the kids loved it!
It was an especially great weekend because my eldest daughter
arrived home from college for Thanksgiving break on Friday night
so we had six of the eight children home this weekend!
Here are some pics from the evening... 
D's #3 decorating our living room tree... 
She started with the bows and did a fabulous job! 
Meanwhile sisters snuggling on the couch... 

Most patient husband EVER...carrying down a million bins from our third floor. 
Making progress in the family room... 
Took a break for a family dinner....first holiday table of the season! 
The red and white mosaic hurricanes are some of my favorite decorations. 
The crew minus the twins...who were enlisted in carrying everything down from the attic. 
D's #3 hung the stockings....all ten of us! 
A little pink and green Christmas in our dining room...of course! 
Family room tree is done!
D's #4 decorated our sun room tree all by himself....
Took his job very seriously.... 
His finished product!
I may have broken my rule,
but it was absolutely worth it to see the joy on their faces!
MANY thanks to Virginia Mom,
who is the Master of Christmas
and was a HUGE help in
organizing and assisting with the decorating!


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Simply LKJ said...

Fun! Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. LOL Looks amazing. While we haven't gotten the decorations out, I have been listening to Christmas music and watching all the movies on the Hallmark channel. Always puts me in the right frame of mind. And yes, LOVE that Nordstrom still sticks with AFTER Thanksgiving decorating. I usually start after Thanksgiving dinner...can't stand watching all that football!!!

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